Monday, 28 May 2007

My day at Mandy's

I went to my friend, Mandy's yesterday. We had a lovely Day crafting and Chatting. Here are some of the ATCs I made while I was there.

My Doodles

Didn't have much inspiration for ATCs the other night so I sat and doodled. Was quite pleased with these. My first Doodle ATCs

Sunday, 20 May 2007

The last two

I made these for the striped leg swap for the hostess. I am sending two because she will be paying the postage to send mine back from AmericaThe first picture is of the atcs opened the second picture of them closed

Made for Nes

This atc was made for Nes for a "What would make me happy" swap on Zuzu's forum

I hope it does make Nes happy!!!!!!!!!!!


Forgot to say the zetti atcs are for a striped leg swap. Was going to send all 6 in but I may have to keep one for myself.

Finished at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These atcs have taken me a week to make. I have really struggles with these but have enjoyed making them. This is something new to me..........Well I've made one before. The first Three backgrounds were made with versa color inks with stamped and printed images then finished with a fine black pen. The middle one of the second three was done the same. The other two backgrounds were hand drawn and then printed and printed images placed over them

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Wednesday Morning

No work today.Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thought of a theme for a swap on Louises forum. Friends/Friendship.

Thse are mine I made very early this morning,

with some of the backgrounds I made on Sunday

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Wet Sunday afternoon

What a horrible day its turned into. Just had to make some ATCs since it was raining!!!! I made 48 backgrounds for atcs This morning. Was up early and so decided to make them then i would have the when i needed them.

So here are the ones i finished this afternoon

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Fat Book pages

These are 3 pages I have made for myself the first one is the Front cover. I joined in a fat book swap on a forum and we had to pick a theme for our books and then swap three pages each. My theme was blue because its my favourite colour.

I really enjoyed making these because I had no one to please but myself

Tidying my room

I really must tidy the room that I craft in. I can't find a thing in here and I have promised Mick (my husband) that it will be neat and tidy this afternoon. Then I can mess it all up by making a couple of things.

Friday, 11 May 2007


These are my first set of inchies. Made for a swap

another atc with stampboard on

This one is also for mandy. The domino is made out of stampboard.

My first post and my last ATC

This is the Last atc I made.

I made it for my friend Mandy. She wanted a ATC with leaves on. The background is stamped with distress ink and the darker leaves are stamped with vivid inks. The little tiles are made from stampboard.